A tenancy agreement is an important document that you might have to sign at some point in your life especially if you don’t have a permanent residence. The tenancy agreement ensures that both the landlord and the tenant have every term clear among them regarding the property. The tenancy agreement highlights the points that both the landlord and the tenant would adhere to as long as the agreement is valid. A tenancy agreement might be verbal or in a written format. But since we are talking about the signing of the agreement, then let us see what are some of the important things to keep in mind whenever you are about to rent a place , have Flat for rent in Rawalpindi

Have you ever thought about all those dinner sets lying inside the cupboards in your kitchen which have never been used? Are you waiting for someone special to visit? That special person could also be you and instead of keeping them for years you can also use them to liven up your living or dining room. You can hang those plates on the wall in whatever pattern you want. This will make the room attractive and decorative

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you can apply these DIY room and house décor hacks to.

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